"You’re an addict Sherlock. You woke up today and you didn’t use drugs, just like yesterday. You know what you have to do tomorrow? Wake up and not use drugs." | 2x20


Cristina Yang in every episode (16/22)

Season 6 (so far) + Bruised & Battered

"Alistair’s death blindsided me and it bothers me that it bothers me."

& Moriarty is never going to change. 



okay but have you considered this:

  • joan and marcus working a case late at marcus’s kitchen table and falling asleep over the files and marcus waking up a few hours later and pulling a blanket from the closet and putting it over her shoulders as stealthily as he can so he doesn’t wake her but he…


But instead, she wakes up, catches him, rolls her eyes and says, “I know it’s you, you loser. Now give me a proper goodnight kiss.”